Black obesity, White neurosis? Neither? Or both?

sondjata wrote in response to my previous posting:

"I have issues with this. In the US and elsewhere overweight men and women suffer disproportionately from Hypertension, Diabeties and related illnesses. If reducing ones weight can lead to a healthier life with less doctor visits and less reliance on medication in old(er) age, then that should not be looked at as 'Western' but rather as healthy."

Allow me to respond. Obesity is absolutely a health problem, leading among other crises to heart attacks, strokes and diabetes, not to mention a general lowering of quality of life in that obesity limits mobility. As well, the small-minded discriminate against the obese and arbitrarily determine what is considered "overweight."

For instance: “The statistics are appalling: According to a 2004 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, a study by Yale University predicts that if childhood obesity maintains its current pace, today’s children will suffer heart attacks and strokes by their early 20s. In addition, it is estimated that 30 percent of boys and 40 percent of girls born in 2000 will become diabetic osteoporosis (also very rare outside the centre of the Empire).

It is also true that White European ideals of body shape are quite frequently unhealthy even for White Europeans; the diet and lifestyle of the urban, industrial Empire has brought with it the harsh effects of menopause (virtually unknown in much of the rest of the world; even in industrial Japan, the negative effects of menopause are so rare that Japanese has no word or phrase for "hot flashes") and osteoporosis (also very rare outside the centre of the Empire).

Once you add in the neuroses of body-shape which always lead to lower quality of life (in morale) and sometimes lead to depression (in addition to abuse of diet drugs, laxatives and steroids), and then even to psychoses of eating disorders which may threaten their lives, and it becomes clear that the Empire's body/food values are frequently destructive.

Afrikamerica has a crisis with food and health, no doubt--abundance of junk food and fast food, and scarcity of high quality healthy food. LaDonna Redmond, President and CEO of the Institute for Community Resource Development in West Garfield, Chicago, says, “It’s a real chore to get a salad. We can purchase illegal drugs, weapons, Nike trainers and junk food, but we can’t get a salad.”


sondjata said…
I'm glad that this topic is being explored as I think this is a very serious one for black people , especially those living in industrial nations.
We must recall that the human body was designed to be in motion (Hence the general shape of our buttocks) and to go without easting for relatively extended periods of time. When people were engaged in primarily hunting and gathering and other physically intensive activities, a high caloric intake was displaced by the high caloric burn rate. Also in times past, especially in "poorer" places, the lack of access to meats and high fat foods also offset most effects of sedentary lifestyles.

Today many blacks living in industrialised nations no longer do strenuous physical labour. Many have sit down jobs or stand in one location jobs. As result the caloric burn rate is but a fraction of what it was say 100 or so years ago. Even a person who eats a "healthy" diet will see weight gain and its attendant ills simply because they will not be moving around a lot. So if that happens to healthy people, you can only imagine the state of people who regularly eat high fat content foods and drink "refreshments" with large amounts of High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Many people are, and I hate to say this, simply too lazy to adjust their lifestyle to the reality of industrial societies. People would rather pop a pill, wear a girdle or other such things than actually cut down on thier eating and take an hour out of thier day to at least walk. Let me tell you how I look at food:

I run. It takes me roughly 10 minutes running 8.6 MPH to burn 200 calories. the average Soda contains 175 Calories. The average "juice drink" also contains about that amount of calories all of which are sugar. If one drinks 2 cans of soda a day for each work day then one has consumed 10 cans of soda and 1750 calories.That would take a person in excellent physical condition 1.4 hours to burn that. I won't even get into french fries, cookies, hambugers and the like costs in calories. My motto is if I injest it, I must burn it. Most Americans (or those living in America) consume well over the 2,000 calories "needed" for average activities. Yet only burn a fraction of that intake. My personal rule is that I only eat when I am actually hungry (as opposed to a brain that expects food at a certain time) and in proportion to the energy expended for that day. If I'm staying in then I barely eat. That is I eat enough fiber,minerals and basic nutrients to keep my body working and little else. This takes discipline and many people simply don't have it. Many poor people who are skinny are actualy obesity waiting to happen. I have seen multiple times where previously skinny poor people have blown up once they got out of that poverty due to a desire to make up for what they percieved as "bad times." Yet the "bad times" is exactly what the human body is designed to deal with. Perhaps this is a collective neurosis that affects black people in places where they are confronted with poverty and racism.

In closing I'll just say that people should strive to be thier natural weight. Most people who don't have metabolic problems have a natural weight and shape that they achieve right around the age of 20. It is this shape and weight that I believe should be maintained at just about all costs. As the belly fat grows so does the risk for heart attacks and related illnesses.
Minister Faust said…
Right on, Br. Sondjata. And everybody should check out your excellent blog which is listed in under the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY BRO-LOGS as GARVEY'S GHOST. Thanks for giving us so much food for thought (sorry--couldn't resist).

Minister Faust

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