South Africa, Assassinations + Genocide

"There are layers of secrets to South African history that no one seems to want to dig up any more. Take for instance, the hi-tech murder of the president of Mozambique, who died in a deliberately created plane crash. In case you think airplane crashes don't mean much, look at what happened in Rwanda after one little plane mysteriously crashed.

"Try to make sense, for instance, of the news article airily glossing over the fact that the United Nations 'forgot' to analyse the data from the black box from the plane that crashed (and which kick-started the Rwandan genocide.) Read 'Rwanda Black Box Not Linked to Plane Crash'. And consider the implications of deliberate French involvement: France Accused of Genocide. For a first person street-level read, there is an online book, Rwanda: The Ethnic Trap.

"All of the above is to show the ripple effects possible from a minor incident. Much like the United States conveniently will not see another Kennedy as president, thanks to another little plane crash. (Gee, it's funny that so many Democrats, compared with Republicans, happen to die in plane crashes, isn't it?)"


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