New York state senator condemns NY gov, mayor, for crushing transit strike

Another vicious assault on working people's rights... made all the easier when most of those workers are of Afrikan and indigenous ("Hispanic") descent. The wealthy, arrogant mayor repeatedly called the transit workers "selfish" and "thugs."Astounding how such selfish thugs are so productive that they successfully, daily operate one of the world's most complex public transit systems.

Check out the union's page regarding strike news here.

Check out: "Local 100 President Roger Toussaint Denounces Attack on Transit Workers."


sondjata said…
It serves as interesting irony that Mayor Bloomberg got into office with union support and the support of many of the people he referred to as thugs. The term was not used by accident and it reflects the pure weakness of black peope in NYC that he could make such statements and not be called on it by the so called "representative" of the people that he insulted.

The audio should be required listening to all the NY citizens who took sides against the union

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