EU condemns Iranian president's remarks

"The European Union has cranked up pressure on Iran, condemning its president's latest outbursts against Israel and warning Tehran over its nuclear programme in draft summit conclusions."

I have no idea whether Iranian president Ahmadinejad actually believes his sickening claim that Nazi mass-murder of European Jews didn't happen. Maybe he really is that naive, or stupid, or maybe he's willing to buy into the very Nazi mindset and propaganda that would happily endorse the mass-murder of the Iranian people.

But whatever Ahmedinejad's up to, he's providing the governments of the United States and Britain with the pretext they desire to wage a massively one-sided war against Iran.

I loathe dictatorships of any kind--theocratic or otherwise, which, as in the case of Iran, regularly crushes the civil and human rights of Kurds, Bahais, atheists, queer people, and other ordinary dissenters. But as much as I despise Iran's government, I have no desire to see the Anglo-American axis bomb and slaughter hundreds of thousands of people to advance their hegemony in the middle east. BBC's take on Ahmedinejad is here.

I hope Iran gets a new president as soon as possible.

For more eloquent words than I could ever write on the perverse enterprise called "Holocaust denial," click here.


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