Dave Chappelle is a Muslim?

Yup. Aint that unexpected? Plus apparently he and I share a birthday.

I find Br. Dave's comedy material harder to comprehend in light of his faith, and I'm currently trying to find out whether his conversion was recent. Very odd. He's a brilliant stand-up comic, no doubt, and often with a valid social message. His sketches are a whole nuther surah, you dig?

However, he's not crazy or on crack, despite his abrupt departure from his highly celebrated and lucrative TV show which has been renewed in a $50 million deal.

You can also check out The Chappelle Theory. It's full of bizarre theories, including the claim that Chappelle was edged off the air by a "a secret cabal of powerful African-American leaders from the business, political, and entertainment industries." Wow. Don't you wish we were organised enough to do that? Kot-tam.


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