Snoop Doggy Dog: "Corporate America's favorite coon"?

"Snoop has elevated his content from white America's favorite gangsta rapper, to corporate America's favorite coon.Yes, I said it--Snoop is cooning. What else can be said when viewing his latest commercial venture--for Chrysler no less--in tandem with that corporation's former chief executive officer, Lee Iacoca?

"...The simple truth is that America understands our ability to hawk a product better than we ever did. And even if they have to go to the most disgraceful of us to pander to the nation's love affair with Black culture, they will. With Snoop, they did, garnering one of the most popular, who is also one of the most disgraceful. Corporate America understands how it works, even though most of us never give it a second thought.

"Popular culture is based on Black culture. Whatever we do, if it becomes popular, they will take it mainstream. The biggest problem is that when it goes mainstream and generates revenue, very few of us will partake of the rewards. Another problem is that usually what goes mainstream is a caricature of who we really are."


XYBORG said…
Right and exact.
X said…
He's been cooning for years! I thought I was the only one peeping this all this time.

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