Rapper Kanye West declares during live relief benefit: "George Bush doesn't care about Black people"

According to Billboard, Rapper Kanye West announced during a live-broadcast hurricane-relief event: "'George Bush doesn't care about Black people' and said America is set up 'to help the poor, the black people, the less well-off as slow as possible.'" He'd begun his remarks by saying, "I hate the way they portray us in the media. If you see a Black family, it says they're looting. See a White family, it says they're looking for food."

Watch Kanye West's remarks here.

See below for details on how to donate to relief efforts.


Anonymous said…
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Padawan Adrian said…
Finally discovered list blog, sir. Great job and some very interesting topics on here. Keep up the good work and hopefully we can do lunch sometime.
Padawan Adrian said…
P.S. Late Registration is a pretty hot album, in my opinion. Do you think agree with his points on Bush. I'm not sure anymore, but there are a lot of times that I question what Bush does and says during his terms in office.
Robert Angel said…
I don't really think its a black thing but more of a poor thing, and uneducated issue. If the black and white poor folks would join hands they would be a very powerful force in this country.

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