Kenyan media boss sick of Euro-American and continental journalism

All writes: "'To the best of their ability, foreign journalists will want to take footage of that starving child in West Africa, that woman ravaged by HIV/Aids in Soweto, the street child in Kenya and the Internally Displaced Persons in Darfur ,' [lamented CEO of the Nation Media Group Wilfred Kiboro], adding that they totally negate the tremendous achievements the continent has registered over the years.

"'Ask why these people treat the entire African continent as just one country. If they hear that people are fighting in one country, they think that the entire continent is at war. If they hear that people are starving, they generalise the whole situation,' said Kiboro. He singled out CNN for giving little airtime on the positive image of Africa, but also blamed the African journalists for lack of objective reporting in regard to the continent.

"'The media in Africa has much to be blamed for the current state of affairs vis-à-vis tainting a negative image on Africa. There lacks a link on what the media reports and what is really on the ground,' he said."


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