Latin America gets its own Al-Jazeera: Thank Venezuela

Last year I heard a speech by Tariq Ali suggesting that Latin America desperately needs its own Al Jazeera. Ali jokingly suggesting it could be named “TV Bolivar” or something like that.

Thanks to Venezuela’s Congress and its president, Hugo Chávez, Ali’s anti-imperialist/pro-democracy wish has come true.

According to the executives of Telesur, the station to be launched in cooperation with Argentina, Cuba and Uruguay, the station will combine Latin American and Caribbean news and programming to counter the enormous weight of elite- and corporate-US media.

The US Congress has vowed to destroy Telesur’s aims before Telesur even launches, financing yet another American government propaganda station, joining its anti-Castro Radio and TV Marti (beamed illegally into Cuban airspace) and its Arabic language satellite TV news station, which according to Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman is “being produced in a studio--Grace Digital Media--controlled by fundamentalist Christians who are rabidly pro-Israel. That's grace as in ‘by the grace of God.’” quotes Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez as saying “It is a preposterous imperialist idea that should not surprise us because we know what the U.S. government is capable of.... There is nothing more dangerous than a desperate giant.”


Tricia L said…
Did you hear about CAFTA?

The American Congress managed to get a majority vote and passed the Central American Free Trade Agreement, and managed to snag the Dominican Republic as a member.

They're hailing it as a major step in countering leftist forces on the rise, naming Venezuela's Hugo Chavez as a major problem; he's supposed to be using Venezuela's oil money to undermine democracy, free markets, and American interests throught the hemisphere. And to make him seem like the second coming of the Devil, they're pitting him in as bedfellows with Ortega.

One dude in a teeny country hanging off the South American continent making them crap.

A pal of mine was in Venezuela covering Chavez' elections.

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