My wife and I are fine; far too many others, sadly, are not

DAHAB, SINAI PENINSULA--Thanks to everyone who expressed concern about our safety. I heard about the terrorist bombings in neighbouring Sharm el-Sheikh only a few minutes ago. The attacks, denounced by Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, occurred on the country's Revolution Day; at least 76 people of various nationalities, including Egyptians, are confirmed dead so far.

My wife and I are very far from the zone--80 km away--we'll be out of the country in a few days and headed to safe, safe Lebanon. In the meantime, please pray for the dead and injured and their families, and if you can donate to the Red Crescent/Red Cross, please do so.

A favour to ask: I can't access my main email from here, so if you're a friend or relative, please let folks back home know we're okay.


Bongbiemi said…
Thank God! Minister Faust you and your wife are fine. It's Saturday morning on July 23 and the Tribesman woke up to this chilling news of bombings in Egypt and my heart started pounding and I went straight to Bro-Log.

A very sad World we live in at the moment. My condolences to all who have lost their dear ones in this nightmare.
Jim Osmer said…
I have never heard anyone refer to Lebanon as safe.
Mingus said…
Good to hear you're safe. Man. Brutal. Take care.

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