I have entered the Red Pyramid

CAIRO--I spent yesterday with my brand new wife exploring many of the ancient wonders of Kemet (i.e., Egypt). I'd been here before twelve years ago to research a still unpublished novel called The Disharmony of the Sphere, and I've literally dreamed of returning ever since (at least once a month I've had such dreams). Went to Sakkara, the first pyramid and the first vast architectural work in stone, as designed by the genius Imhotep.

Later we went to a site to which I'd never been, the spectacular Red Pyramid and the so-called Bent Pyramid at Dahshur. Twelve years ago I'd gone inside the pyramid of Unas at Sakkara, home to the most ancient religious writings of any faith anywhere in the world, the so-called Pyramid Texts. But the Red Pyramid is not only a far larger building, almost on the scale of Giza's Great Pyramids, its inner chambers form a dazzling, haunting cathedral ceiling of stepped trapezoidal glory. Magnificent. These Brothers knew what they were doing.

We've met many terrific folks since arriving--a wonderful English lady who's become Egyptian (a grandmother and retired accountant in hijab who gave us helpful advice), a philosophy graduate named Khaled who took the time to arrange a cab for us and who's struggling to make a go of things, and a charming waiter at our hotel named Mohammed Abdel-Aziz who always makes sure my wife has enough juice and that my coffee cup is full (I actually hate coffee, but I seem to be allergic to the tea at our hotel).

Tonight we take the sleeper car to Aswan heart of Nubian Egypt, and tomorrow a trip to the glorious temple of Ramses at Abu-Simbel. After that the wonders will continue to unfold.

I don't usually share a lot of information about my personal life either through the Bro-Log or my radio shows, but I had an excellent wedding and reception last Saturday, a real dream come true. I've always thought it melodramatic for people to say that such days were the happiest of their lives, but I was astounded at just how joyful I was, and many people told me they'd never seen me so happy. I guess that's what you get when you've got what they used to call "a good woman" in your life.


Jim Osmer said…
Minister--Your trip to Egypt sounds incredible, congrats on your marriage as well. Are your unpublished books (like Disharmony of the Sphere) publishable? Hopefully your Coyote King success will get these to the presses. The Private Dick chapter is on a mix CD I listen to often in the car. But the I wash dishes for scumbags chapter won't load.
Peace--Jim Osmer
Anonymous said…
در اجرای طرح ارتقای امنيت اجتماعی که از ابتدای ارديبهشت‌‏ماه آغاز شده, برخورد با مالکان خودروهای حامل افراد بدحجاب در دستور کار پليس قرار گرفته است، بر اساس اين طرح خودروهای حامل فرد بدحجاب يا خودروهايی که زنان بدحجاب راننده آن هستند، توسط ماموران اجرای طرح امنيت اخلاقی يا ماموران راهنمايی و رانندگی توقيف و به پارکينگ منتقل می‌‏شوند.
به گزارش خبرنگار ايلنا, نيروی انتظامی با اين توجيه که حضور فرد بدحجاب در خودرو از جرائم مشهود محسوب می‌‏شود، نسبت به برخورد با خودروهای حامل فرد بدحجاب اقدام کرده و راساً به توقيف خودروها می‌‏پردازد.

ماموران زنا زاده پلیس راهنمایی رانندگی ایران بجای اینکه هزاران راننده که مانند حیوانات با سرعت غیر مجاز، عبور ممنوع و صدها مورد جرایم مشهود خطرناک را پیگیری کنند در برابر این جرایم سکوت می کنند و ماشین افرادی را که موهایشان پیداست توقیف می کنند!

آی کیر خوک و خر و سنده خوک و خر تو کس حضرت زهرا بنت رسول الله چون ملایان می خواهند ایرانیان مثل این فاحشه قریش باشند.
سنده سگ تو کس ننه و زن و دختر رسول الله به خاطر این قوانین مسخره و حیوانی قرآن.
سنده شیطان تو حلق محمد قرآن شد.

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