Thursday, July 21, 2005

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I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Conservative Party of Canada

At my wedding reception, one of my best friends, Carlo, told the false story that he and I worked for the PC party in Ottawa in 1988. This is completely untrue.

He and I worked for the Government of Canada, External Affairs, as students hired on a summer employment programme. He also claimed that I snubbed then-PM Brian Mulroney. Also untrue. I have never met the "esteemed" former PM.

However, all of us students were invited to have our pictures taken with Secretary of State for External Affairs Joe Clarke, which I did--at a distance. We were also asked to do the work of the PC party itself--an entirely unethical request, and I think illegal--by a senior member of the Minister's staff. We were to participate in envelope stuffing of some sort and to be paid in pizza, after hours.

I told Carlo something to the effect that "I'm not going to work for those pigs," and I meant it. Whether he went or not, I cannot recall--but within five years the PC party was reduced to two seats in our federal parliament. Connection? You be the judge.


Graham said...

this does not surprise me too much. often in my experiences with the liberals, free (and illegal) labour has purchased with beer and pizza...

Dusty Bear said...

And it's not just at the federal level.

Anonymous said...

Minister--Hope you were nowhere near the bombing at an Egyptian hotel today, somewhere in the Sinai. We are sending good vibes on this end.