US corporate media willing propagandists for White House in illegal war

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! and her brother David wrote recently: "Recent revelations that the Bush administration has been fabricating news stories, secretly hiring journalists to write puff pieces and credentialing fake reporters at White House news conferences has infuriated the news media.

"Editorials profess to being shocked - shocked! - by the government's covert propaganda campaign in which, as The New York Times revealed March 13, at least 20 federal agencies have spent $250 million creating and sending fake news segments to local TV stations.

"But the media have only themselves to blame for most people - including TV news managers - not being able to distinguish journalism from propaganda. The line between news and propaganda was trampled not only by the public relations agencies hired by the government but also by reporters in the deserts of Iraq. The Pentagon deployed a weapon more powerful than any bomb: the U.S. media."


gerry said…
Isn't this a bit of old news? This has been evident from the beginning. As you have said yourself, MF, the "journalists" have been dogs on their masters' short leash for some time.

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