US Ballistic Missile "Defense" fulfills goal of nuclear first-strike capacity with impunity

Br. Sean Gonsalves tells it like it is after attending a meeting with world-renowned peace activist Dr. Helen Caldicott. BMD, "Star Wars," "missile shield"--call it what you like, but it aint gonna work. And whether or not it works, pickpocketting American and Canadian taxpayers and putting the money into the pockets of hyper-rich industrial death-dealers (just you wait, Canadians--what Paul Martin says and what he does are two different things) inevitably provokes a vast new arms race.

Why? Because US rivals China and Russia know that the ultimate goal of US ballistic missile "defense" is first-strike capacity with impunity, i.e., a policy of mass-murdering nuclear aggression against civilians not practiced by anyone since the US president ordered the immolation of all women, children and old people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Historian Gar Alperovitz has demonstrated that the atomic vengeance was not only entirely unnecessary, but that the US president knew it was unnecessary while some of his conservative military advisors pleaded with him not to go through with his horrific plans.

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