Why Conservatives Should Thank Chuck Cadman (and so should Canada)

The always incisive Murray Dobbin writes in today's Tyee: "[Chuck Cadman] saved [the Conservatives] from a doomed election led by hard right Harper.

"For all the talk of a dysfunctional House of Commons, what has transpired over the past few weeks is precisely the opposite. Oh, to be sure, for Bay Street, newspaper editors, hysterical right wing pundits like Andre Coyne of the National Post and the self-absorbed Rex Murphy of the CBC, it is dysfunctional because the dismantling the country has been put on hold. That, after all, has been the "function" of the House of Commons under Tories and Liberals ever since the free trade deal went through after the 1988 election.

"But if you are talking about government functioning in the interests of ordinary Canadians, families, communities and the nation, Parliament functioned better yesterday than it has at any time in the past twenty years."

See the complete text here.

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