Even today, Eurocentrists are trying to de-colourise ancient Egyptians, i.e., Afrikans.

Amazing how even to this day, Eurocentrists are trying to de-colourise ancient Egypt and its peoples. A recent multi-national team of forensic facial reconstructionists built separate models of young Tutankhamen’s face. The American team didn’t know whose face they were building, but built a face that looks like you’d expect it to--that of a typical north-eastern Afrikan (such as an Ethiopian, Somali, Nubian, or even a Ugandan, though that’s east-central). But the BBC describes such a face as “coming from a Caucasoid North African.”
The discredited myth of a “Hamitic” race of non-Afrikan invaders “civilising” the ancient Egyptians rests in part on the notion that north-eastern Afrikans are “Caucasoid.” Some scientists even claim that the facial and bodily features (phenotypes) of these populations can be grouped into “clusters” which mark them as non-Afrikans. Imagine that! You walk down the streets of NYC, Toronto, Havana, or Lagos, you’re a Brother. But if anything (like history itself) should connect you with an ancient civilisation which was the torch of the ancient world and which had a massive impact on Europe, then poof! you’re a White man.

The French team even coloured their face. Coloured it pink. And now Live Science.com is uncritically getting in on the act by posting a link with the same photo.

And the French team knew they were building Tut’s face. Funny... let’s see how the ancient Egyptians coloured his face.

The BBC story has another shot of a more accurate depiction of Tutankhamun--an ancient bust. Just scroll down.


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