Dealing with Blackfolks the old fashioned way: burn 'em to death

Democracy Now! says: "Supporters of the group MOVE in Philadelphia have marked the 20th anniversary of the day the city police bombed their home in West Philadelphia to end a stand-off with the group. The bombing killed 11 people including five children as police officers ordered firefighters to keep their distance from the fire. 61 homes were destroyed after the fire spread through the block."

Mumia Abu Jamal says:
"For MOVE people, the date May 13th, 1985, is, to quote a phrase, 'a day that shall live in infamy.' That's not just because of the horrific act of State Terrorism that the date marks, or even the massacre of 11 MOVE people. It marks, once again, an instance of state injustice, for what made May 13th a date of remembrance is the brutal imprisonment of the MOVE 9, who, despite their innocence, were convicted of murder, and sentenced to upwards of 100 years in Pennsylvania dungeons... an injustice piled upon another injustice; an injustice leavened by a massacre." (For the rest, go here. )

Extensive links about John Africa and the MOVE organisation.

A more clinical description can be found here.

In 1996 the city was forced to pay $1.5 million in damages to a survivor and relatives of victims.

Daily KOS has much to say.


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