Countdown to Armageddon: Robots Making Robots

So they finally did it. Robots are now making other robots.

I mean, c'mon, people... doesn't anyone remember Skynet? Scorching the sky? The Sentinels in X-Men #140-141?

Please, let's all remember the lessons of Geonosis.


Scott said…
Commenting here because I've finally found your blog, but you didn't have comments turned on for the Sophia Stewart post.

As for Terminator, didn't Cameron already settle with Harlan Ellison, whose short story that prefigured the movie was published in the '60s?

And with the Matrix, I can well believe that some of it was stolen from her, given some of the details of the documents linked, but on the other hand, the Wachowski brothers also owe a serious debt to Philip K. Dick, and possibly Grant Morrison as well. Seems like they stole from all over the place...

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