Corporate Media makes social justice look like corruption (and vice-versa)

Ah, Linda McQuaig. You gotta love her. Author of many acclaimed investigate and analytical books on the Canadian political economy, she's also a terrific columnist. On May 1 she wrote:

"Media commentators were in a rage last week, denouncing the Liberal government for signing a 'devilish deal'... that will "prostrate its principles".... But for a full rant against the government's evil-doings, one had to turn to CBC-TV's Rex Murphy: "The current spectacle is dissolving respect for Parliament and politics, and going some way toward dissolving respect for the country.'

"Yikes. One might have thought Paul Martin had just released his own porn video or made a pact with a group of neo-Nazis....

"In reality, the rage was over the deal the Prime Minister struck with Jack Layton, the democratically elected NDP leader... to spend more federal money on the environment, public transit, affordable housing, post-secondary education, and foreign aid. The increased social spending will create more jobs than putting the money toward debt reduction — or corporate tax cuts."

For the full text, visit Straight Goods.


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