Brutal Attacks Still Occurring in Darfur, United Nations Reports

"...Because Jingaweit militia continue to attack civilians in Darfur and thus perpetuate a lack of security in the region, bringing short-term stability to the area will require considerable strengthening of the African Union (AU) mission in Sudan, a senior U.N. official said May 12.

"Assistant Secretary-General Hedi Annabi told the U.N. Security Council that organized violence continues and that attacks on civilians, rape, kidnapping and banditry actually increased in April. Although there was no evidence of direct involvement of regular government forces, there were widespread reports of abuse by the pro-government Jingaweit militia.

"Upwards of 10,000 civilians -- the entire population of the Khor Abeche village in southern Darfur -- were displaced during a brutal attack, and a number of homes were burned and looted, Annabi told the council."

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