Where is the cowardly Canadian government when Israel kills 8 Canadians and now 215 people?

Canadian deaths in Lebanon do not change Ottawa's view of Mideast crisis

Arabs don't cry.

Democracy Now! reports today:
Death Toll From Israeli Assault on Lebanon Reaches 215
U.S. & Israel Reject Calls for Cease Fire
Olmert Vows To Continue Attacks on Lebanon
Air Strikes Cripple Lebanese Civilian Infrastructure
Report: Israel Using Banned Phosphorus Weapons
Sen. Hillary Clinton Vows Support for Israel At Rally

(Clinton is now being supported by Rupert Murdoch--for real)

World Health Organization: Lebanese Residents Displaced by Israeli Bombardment Expected to Top 900,000
(Almost a third of the entire country)

U.S. Foreign Policy, the Resistance in Iraq, Syrian-Lebanese Relations and More

A Sampling of Arab TV Coverage of the Middle East Crisis

Daily Star (Lebanon) reports today:
"Lebanon evacuees speak of terror, minister says Israel is aiming to bring famine to Lebanon


Who'd YOU vote for... said…
How many cameras does it take to get a suit to tell the truth? It's beyond scary...this pervasive global escalation of violence and public misinformation. Practically everyone's in the act now, even conservative good ol' boys from Canada's ideological armpit. I wonder how proud Harper is that his station as PM is allowing him to participate in some bona fide wartime propaganda with the big boys. What a stage, man! Way to go about it! And to actually have the sand to refer to the captured Israeli soldiers...on camera no less! On the record! Forget that anyone who has even a passing familiarity with the politics of the region knows for a fact that the two solders have *next-to-nothing* to do with this latest Israeli mauling. I'm a Lebanese-Canadian who, as-of-now, has lost all faith in institutionalized democracy in the current age. My vote is that this bush-league tosser ought to have his skull taken apart with a hammer. MOtherfucker.

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