Stephen "Cut and Run" Harper: Eat now... your Kibbles-n-Bits are getting dry.

Stephen Harper, Canada's prime minister, said a few months ago that Canadians should not "cut and run" from Afghanistan. It's revealing that Harper precisely parroted the Bush phrasing (regarding ending the US occupation of Iraq).

But when Israel apparently deliberately targets a clearly-marked UN compound in Lebanon (after receiving ten warnings from the UN not to hit the base), our courageous PM first questions why our peacekeepers would stay in harm's way!

Let's get this straight--he demands that peacekeepers explain why they remained on duty in the face of aggression, blaming not their killers, but them.

Stephen "Cut-n-Run" Harper has said to Israel, "Go ahead. You killed eight Canadian civilians. You've killed a Canadian peacekeeper."

Further reading:

"The wife of a Canadian soldier missing and presumed dead in an Israeli air strike on a United Nations observation post in southern Lebanon says she believes the attack was intentional."

"The wife of a Canadian peacekeeper presumed dead in Lebanon demanded to know Thursday why Israeli missiles struck the UN site where her husband was stationed as an observer, even as she held out hope he might still be alive."

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper's reaction to the death of a Canadian peacekeeper in Lebanon was irresponsible and risks making Canada irrelevant in the region, interim Liberal leader Bill Graham said Thursday."

"Mr. Harper deserves an F for his poor response to this crisis. From the handing of the evacuation, his office trying to down play the severity of the crisis, his comments about Israel’s "measured response," which killed Canadian civilians, and his utter disregard for the life of one of our peacekeepers after which he didn’t condemn Israel’s apparently deliberate attack on the well-known UN position. "


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