Slavery in Sudan? Who's lying? Who's getting paid?

In 2003, Sudan's ambassador claimed: "There is no slavery is Sudan, period."

For a long time I've been horrified by the atrocities committed by the Sudanese government and its proxies, especially in Darfur. I have no doubts that this government is a frequently behaving as an enemy of freedom. So don't misunderstand where this post is going. I'm against forced Islamisation as much as I'm against forced Christianisation, communisation, capitalisation or any other form of coercion.

But according to allegations in this CBS report by Dan Rather, the entire "free the enslaved Sudanese" movement is nothing but a racket. To view the CBS documentary, scroll down and look on the right for the report labelled The Sudan Slave Trade.

We may be looking at a case where we've got an evil government and misguided or fraudulent "crusaders."

You might also want to check out some alternate points of view, including Sudan Update and Escape from Slavery.


Anonymous said…
In my opinion, the following 1998 and 2004 articles by Eric Margolis describe the situation in Sudan fairly well.

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