The moral levy was dry

"There’s something stinkier here than the reported conditions in the Superdome sanctuary or the stew of sewage, petrochemicals, dead human and animal corpses swirling atop what used to be a city. It’s the soul of capitalism, swollen with profit-lust like the liver of a goose overfed to produce fois gras. Even as la Ville in its present incarnation expires, its Wal-Marts dying with it, its cops must turn from the task of evacuating the stranded to protecting the property of the well-insured. Such a moral quandary for the power elite. What do you save? A couple black kids on a roof, without food and water, at risk of cholera, or the jewelry counter in a local outlet of the world’s largest retailer? What better reinforces the levees of the sinking system -- displays of compassion, or displays of shoot-to-kill power?"


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Back to school "jitters" for kids - and parents
The Daily Record of Morris County, New Jersey reports that many kids experience nervousness on their first day of school.
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Cool blog, I have added it to my list and will check in often!

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