Beirut the Beautiful

BEIRUT--My wife and I arrived in Beirut this morning and were delighted from the start. Nice officials at the airport, nice people, NICE weather, and delicious food. We were met by our friend Nizar who's showing us around before Nizar and I begin our work here with partner NGOs rendering aid to Palestinian refugees.

Neither my wife nor I had much previous knowledge of Lebanon, yet somehow we've still managed to be surprised. Beirut is a beautiful city, and it stuns us both to imagine that this city emerged from a horrifying, generation-long, multifactional (72 militia) civil war only within the last 15 years. What we've seen of this city is as beautiful as Montreal.


Tricia L said…
Imagine how much fun you'll have when you get back home, f__ing with people's brians by shattering their misconceptions... kinda like what I still gotta do when people say gems like, "There's telephones/highways in Africa?"

And, hello again. I finally got a way to (sort of) get in touch you; Nalo was kind enough to point me to your blog here. I had fun:-

a) at your hilarious reading at Bakka in Toronto earlier this year; hm, things that you might remember about me... tall, glasses, nice big cream-coloured, hooded coat;

b) when your blog loaded into my web browser. As soon as I saw the masthead, especially the 'Telling it like it is', I fell back in my evening chair, held my sides and hollered. And in case you get the wrong idea, let me explain. That's a good thing. 'Cause, me likee.  Holler, as in I enjoyed it thoroughly, in the "You go, Brother!" sort of way.

(It was suggested you might like to know how I enjoyed it...)

When you think about it, given what I heard at the reading, that's the sort of web presence you will have, you know?

So, hi! (waves)

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