COYOTE KINGS a finalist for the Locus Best First Novel Award

Well, hey, whaddaya know. My novel The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad is on the short list of five for the Locus Best First Novel Award. And nobody freaking even told me--I only found out because of a web search on something else.

Anyway, it's nice to find out. The book was also shortlisted for the Philip K. Dick Award and the Compton Crook Award (which as a long-time NWA listener I was really hoping to get for the name alone). I don't expect to win, but I appreciate the recognition of Locus, arguably the most important SFF industry magazine.

Good to see some fellow Del Rey buddies up for some of the other Locus Awards. Congrats to ya, gents. If I win, I wonder if I get a trophy... you know, like a robot on a wooden base or something.

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